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Review of “Where’s Peter?” a touch and feel and lift the flap book

100_1271I love reading this baby book to my grandson. It is so interactive for little hands to lift the flap and touch different textures. The beloved Beatrix Potter characters are displayed in a guessing game all the while searching for Peter Rabbit. In a rhyming sing-song, baby will search each double paged spread to see if Peter Rabbit is hiding under the flap. Included are Jemima Puddle Duck, Tom the KItten, Squirrel Nutkin, and my favorite, Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

Speaking of Jeremy Fisher, my grandson’s dad asked me once when he was just a little boy if Mr. Jeremy Fisher was underneath the  display glass at a science table at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. I got such a laugh that day he thought the frog there was Mr. Jeremy! Ever since, Mr. Jeremy has been one of my personal favorites among the Beatrix Potter characters.

Anyway, each character has a spot for a nice touch, and most of them are what we called “soft touches.” The last double paged spread, you can guess, is Peter Rabbit himself. He has just only tiny soft spot, his little fluffy cotton tail for baby to touch. But in the process babies learn about language in the lovely rhyme, which ends on each page with, “Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, is that you?”

The one downside, as I see some of the Amazon reviewers have stated as well, is that the book is not as durable as I would have liked it to be. My grandson’s book is already tattered, and I would suggest keeping it away from general access and use it as a “special” book. But if it came down to it, I would still rather the child to have the book and let it get tattered than bypassing it altogether. As you can see, the artwork is spectacular.

Reading to babies and toddlers is one of the most important things we can do. They develop language skills and vocabulary just through enjoying books with the ones who love them. You can buy this book on Amazon, I got my grandson’s at Sam’s Club close to Easter time.

I hope you might decide to check this book out if you have little ones at home. What are some of your other lift the flap touch and feel baby books? I would love to hear them!100_1272

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A review of Grandma’s Scrapbook by Josephine Nobisso, Illustrated by Maureen Hyde

New grandma that I am, I found a lovely book to review called Grandma’s Scrapbook by Josephine Nobisso. This is a picture book for preschoolers that I found at our local library.

Al little girl remembers, from looking at a scrapbook, precious times with her Grandma. The Grandmother made it with love so the child will remember all her special times with her grandmother.  It tells of the child growing up, from baby pictures, toddlerhood, and onward. Grandma played an integral part in this child’s life. Going to the ocean and being dunked by the waves, having a cocoa party in their swimsuits, bicycling, and singing around the piano were some of the activities they enjoyed together. All the while, Grandma adds the memories to the scrapbook, starting it with a lock of her “crow black” hair and a snippet of her grand-daughter’s baby hair.

As the pictures progress throughout the story, Grandma looks increasingly older with each one and the little girl grows into a young woman. She gets to make a trip to Grandma’s alone, but she cries when she says goodbye to her that year. That brings back memories for me as well. Every summer, my family and I drove 500 miles to visit my  one grandmother. I would cry as it got to be time to say goodbye, for I never knew if I would see my grandma again.

Finally, the girl takes her grandma for a walk in her wheelchair. That will be her last visit with her grandma. Now, she can evoke the memories by leafing through the scrapbook that grandma made with love.

The full color pictures add a lot to the story. This book will help parents who are trying to explain the death of someone special in their child’s life.and help children to deal with their grief. I enjoyed reading this book myself, being an adult. It also has inspired me to start a scrapbook for my precious little grandsons.Image

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