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One of my baby book faves: Disney’s Pooh’s Early-to-Bed and Early-to-Rise Hum


Wouldn’t it be nice if life was as easy as following the advice in this precious board book, tested and approved by my grandson to bring delight to little eyes?
While I prefer the original A.A. Milne Winnie the Pooh books to the Disney ones, I take an exception with this book. I have to admit I have as much fun reading it as (hopefully) the little guy enjoys hearing it. He hasn’t started fussing yet so I think he likes it. ( I will test it on my other grandson too, who is a bit further away, on my upcoming visit.)

It starts out with, as you can see, “Bees buzz in the morn to tell a bear to rise.” This is time for Grandma to act rather foolishly and pretend she is a bee and tickle little grandson under his chin, making bee noises. The next lines in the book become rather Ben Franklin-ish, saying that a bear who stays in bed will never be wise. The next page encourages Pooh bear to enjoy his day, and not to dawdle on the way. The kicker is on the following page, the Pooh Bear is to hum and not act glum. When I get to the word “hum” I start humming vociferously. Then, by humming and not acting glum, he will have lots of friends and things will work out in the end. The last page says the old Ben Franklin proverb of early to bed and early to rise can make a bear be successful in his endeavors.

Doesn’t it you make you wish a happy life could be obtained as simply as that? Getting up early, enjoying your day, humming and not acting glum? These are all good suggestions for little ears to hear. Maybe I should try them all more often!

The way this little board book rhymes makes for lots of fun using lots of inflection. When I put the book up close to my grandson’s face, he seemed to light up. I read to my own kids a lot when they were little, but it seems I even enjoy it more as a grandma. And it is never too early to start reading to babies, IMO.

I found this book at a library book sale, it is copyrighted 1999 by The Pooh Properties Trust.


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Review of “The Friendly Book: by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams

I perchance found this little gem at a yard sale or library sale. My edition is dated 1981, but it is originally from 1954. I am sure most people know Margaret Wise Brown. She is the author of the famous Goodnight Moon, which many have known and loved and shared with their children.

This book is also very sweet. It reminds me a little bit of Richard Scarry books, because the beautiful full color illustrations have little dogs riding in cars, on trains, rabbits riding in boats, etc.

There is a rhythm to the theme of “I like…” First is cars, then trains, then stars, snow and more. Each item liked has its own little verse to accompany it. One neat thing is she lists different kinds within each category. This would be a great way for a parent to interact with their child as they read the book. The child can identify them. For example,  on a two page spread there are many colorful dogs. She writes of six kinds: big, fat, old, little, doggy, and puppy dogs. The  parent can ask the child to identify all the little dogs on the two page spread. Then, you could count them together. Then you could work on colors. “How many little dogs are wearing blue?”  In other words, parents can use this book to help not only with language skills, but colors, counting, and discrimination.

Children will like it because the colors are bright and the rhythm is inviting. It is especially nice when the parent can add some expression to the words, which could easily be done here. So, if you are able to find this old book, it will provide a chance to turn off the TV, the phones, and just sit down with your preschool child (who is absorbing facts like a sponge) and have some quality time together.100_1795

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A review of Grandma’s Scrapbook by Josephine Nobisso, Illustrated by Maureen Hyde

New grandma that I am, I found a lovely book to review called Grandma’s Scrapbook by Josephine Nobisso. This is a picture book for preschoolers that I found at our local library.

Al little girl remembers, from looking at a scrapbook, precious times with her Grandma. The Grandmother made it with love so the child will remember all her special times with her grandmother.  It tells of the child growing up, from baby pictures, toddlerhood, and onward. Grandma played an integral part in this child’s life. Going to the ocean and being dunked by the waves, having a cocoa party in their swimsuits, bicycling, and singing around the piano were some of the activities they enjoyed together. All the while, Grandma adds the memories to the scrapbook, starting it with a lock of her “crow black” hair and a snippet of her grand-daughter’s baby hair.

As the pictures progress throughout the story, Grandma looks increasingly older with each one and the little girl grows into a young woman. She gets to make a trip to Grandma’s alone, but she cries when she says goodbye to her that year. That brings back memories for me as well. Every summer, my family and I drove 500 miles to visit my  one grandmother. I would cry as it got to be time to say goodbye, for I never knew if I would see my grandma again.

Finally, the girl takes her grandma for a walk in her wheelchair. That will be her last visit with her grandma. Now, she can evoke the memories by leafing through the scrapbook that grandma made with love.

The full color pictures add a lot to the story. This book will help parents who are trying to explain the death of someone special in their child’s life.and help children to deal with their grief. I enjoyed reading this book myself, being an adult. It also has inspired me to start a scrapbook for my precious little grandsons.Image

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Baby Jesus ABC Story Book

100_1538Today I review an oldie but a goodie, a Happy Day Book by Standard Publishing called Baby Jesus ABC Story Book with illustrations by Cecile Lamb. This one I remember sharing with my own three children, who are now grown. In beautiful full color pictures and sharp text, the Nativity Story is told plainly for little ones. I found this old treasure at a yard sale, it is copyrighted 1979. I read it over and over not so many years ago, and now with two little grandsons coming, I will be sure to read it again to them.

The window of opportunity to teach our children is so short. In the book of Deuteronomy, the Israelites were told, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in the house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” (Deuteronomy 6: 6-9) If this was true for them in the age when there were no distractions from technology and the media, how much more is it important today? Children will be accosted with many worldly ideas all too soon, it is never too early to tell them of the God who loves them, who sent His Son to die for us all on the cross.

Dare I say that teaching the Bible is more important than promising them presents from Santa? They will one day find out Santa is not real, but the Incarnation is a fact of human history. It actually divided it, even if some try to change A.D. to the C. E. (Common Era). Sometimes I find the old fashioned books spell things out more clearly, because back then (in the late 70’s even!)  people weren’t worried then about being politically correct.

This book starts with the story of the angel (A) bringing news to Mary about a baby (B). It goes on to talk of camels (C) and donkeys (D), and the baby coming to earth (E). I think you get the idea. Nothing added to make Christmas a fairy tale. No, just the real, incredible fact that God reached down to us in the form of a human baby to become Immanuel, GOD WITH US!

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” II Corinthians 9:15

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December 9, 2013 · 12:06 am

Blog Tour:Count 1,2,3 With Me by 4RV author Connie Arnold, illustrated by Ginger Nielson

I am delighted to review today one of my fellow authors from 4RV Publishing’s new book for preschoolers, Count 1,2,3 With Me. This book would make a perfect Christmas gift for any little child. First off, it is a feast for the eyes with bright and lovely illustrations of people, turtles, big cats at the zoo, puppies and kids having a wonderful time both with their Daddies and their Mommies. There are many more pretty pictures, these are just a few. All the pictures illustrate a creative rhyme that children will be sure to want to say along with you after a few reads.

Preschoolers are like little sponges, and will be sure to learn a lot from this unique counting book. It definitely provides a painless way to learn counting from 1-10.  This book is bargain priced at just $8.99 which includes tax and shipping.

You will also find many more lovely books at their online store:

You will not be disappointed with this little gem of a book, and neither will your child. Connie Arnold is also the author of a devotional book, called Beautiful Moments of Love and Light. If you want to be entered in a contest for some wonderful prizes, you can also purchase books or visit Connie at



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Ezra Jack Keats-The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats-The Snowy Day

The little boy Peter looks out to see the snow that fell the night before.

Here is a classic book sure to be enjoyed by young children. It was published way back in 1962. The Snowy Day won the prestigious Caldecott Award. I like it because it shares the joy of a little boy discovering snow. He is not glued to electronics, but is discovering the real world. He goes outside and plays in the snow. He gets hit with a snowball, and he makes snow angels. He puts a snowball in his pocket and takes it home. Before he goes to bed he looks for the snowball but it is gone, which evokes an emotion of sadness.

The next day, he discovers that the snow is still there and he goes out again to play in it with his friend from across the hall. The illustrations for this book are bright and colorful, and it plain old reminds me of a simpler time when children discovered nature, not virtual reality. I remember making snow angels, oh how they glistened in the bright snow on a crisp, cold day.

Sometimes I like the older books better than the new ones. This book shows young children that they, too, can make their own discoveries outside in God’s wonderful creation. Since the season of snow will soon be upon us, why not check out this book from your library and prepare your preschooler for some genuine fun this winter.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Read the book with your child.

2) You could then go outside and  make a snowman with a carrot nose, or eskimo, or  snow angels. If there is a safe place to do so, you can go sledding.

Your child will remember the time you took to spend with him. It will make him or her feel like she is an important person, because Mommy or Daddy is taking the time to be with them. (It says a lot more to give time than to give gifts.)

3) When you come in, you could make hot chocolate to sip together. Then, if you have a little more time, get some construction paper, glue, cotton puffs and crayons and let your child make a picture of their own snowy day.

I look forward to having snow adventures with my soon to be born grandchildren! It’s never too late to be a kid at heart!


November 1, 2013 · 12:53 am