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Review of “Where’s Peter?” a touch and feel and lift the flap book

100_1271I love reading this baby book to my grandson. It is so interactive for little hands to lift the flap and touch different textures. The beloved Beatrix Potter characters are displayed in a guessing game all the while searching for Peter Rabbit. In a rhyming sing-song, baby will search each double paged spread to see if Peter Rabbit is hiding under the flap. Included are Jemima Puddle Duck, Tom the KItten, Squirrel Nutkin, and my favorite, Mr. Jeremy Fisher.

Speaking of Jeremy Fisher, my grandson’s dad asked me once when he was just a little boy if Mr. Jeremy Fisher was underneath the  display glass at a science table at Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh. I got such a laugh that day he thought the frog there was Mr. Jeremy! Ever since, Mr. Jeremy has been one of my personal favorites among the Beatrix Potter characters.

Anyway, each character has a spot for a nice touch, and most of them are what we called “soft touches.” The last double paged spread, you can guess, is Peter Rabbit himself. He has just only tiny soft spot, his little fluffy cotton tail for baby to touch. But in the process babies learn about language in the lovely rhyme, which ends on each page with, “Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, is that you?”

The one downside, as I see some of the Amazon reviewers have stated as well, is that the book is not as durable as I would have liked it to be. My grandson’s book is already tattered, and I would suggest keeping it away from general access and use it as a “special” book. But if it came down to it, I would still rather the child to have the book and let it get tattered than bypassing it altogether. As you can see, the artwork is spectacular.

Reading to babies and toddlers is one of the most important things we can do. They develop language skills and vocabulary just through enjoying books with the ones who love them. You can buy this book on Amazon, I got my grandson’s at Sam’s Club close to Easter time.

I hope you might decide to check this book out if you have little ones at home. What are some of your other lift the flap touch and feel baby books? I would love to hear them!100_1272

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Review of God’s Double Agent by Bob Fu

100_1399When we read about martyrs, it is easy to think of Isis spreading terror among the Christians in the Middle East.But China has been undergoing persecution for many years. In fact, Bob Fu, the author of China’s Double Agent, says that Christianity in China is under the worst attack now since the Cultural Revolution.

I picked up this book at the library because I’d heard before about ChinaAid, the organization Bob Fu founded, which provides relief to Christians and others who suffer human rights abuses in China. His own story of coming to faith in Christ was a miracle.

Fu was a university student, trying to get an education so he could help his impoverished family. He became one of the leading organizers of the student demonstrations for democracy in Tienanmen Square in June, 1989. I remember the horror I felt the day I heard of the students gunned down by their own government when they peacefully demonstrated for freedom.

In this book, I found out that Bob Fu was one of them. He was a dynamic leader at his university, garnering support for the cause and had many friends. But after the disastrous massacre by the government, suddenly he was abandoned by all  and under government surveillance, being forced to write confessions. Only one person stood by him, and he was ready to commit suicide.

It was then someone handed him a tract with the testimony of a Christian in class one day so they could get him to stop crying. One thing led to another and Fu found Jesus in the midst of his despair. Thus, Bob Fu’s life was never the same again.

The rest of the book tells of his evangelism, escaping China and founding ChinaAid while living in Philadelphia with his wife. He shares how he intervened on the behalf of many others being persecuted, and used his influence in the highest levels of the United States government.

This book tells it like it is about the Communist government in China. How they persecute and enforce their population control, for example, and how people “disappear.” It is not safe or easy to be a Christian in China, yet he states that the Chinese people are hungry to be able to trust after living under threat for so long. He said: “…Chinese culture, especially after sixty years of communisim and wave after wave of class struggle, is desperate for trust.” (page 331)

I was privileged to meet a fellow believer whose story was shared in this book. At a Voice of the Martyrs conference last October, I met Sarah Liu, who was tortured with an electric prong by the government in prison. I did not know how badly she suffered at the time, reading about it in this book helped me to gain a knowledge of what our fellow brothers and sisters are undergoing even at this very hour.

God worked miraculously in Bob Fu’s life, and through his organization, many others in China have been helped and they continue to speak for the persecuted there today. Persecution is real, and happening more today than any other time in human history. If you would like to know more about the persecuted church you can find out more about them here:

You may sign up for their email newsletter there as well. You can also learn more at the Voice of the Martyrs website as well:

Though most of us cannot go to China to help, we can pray and give our aid and support to our beloved brothers and sisters there. I recommend reading God’s Double Agent as it will enable understanding of how things really are in the nation of China.

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