Much Encouragement from Don’t Waste Your Sorrows by Paul F. Billheimer

I recently finished a book called Don’t Waste Your Sorrows. It gave me so encouragement, I already passed it on to someone else who needs it. I saw the name of the book somewhere in passing, and was already familiar with the author, so I wanted to get a copy. I was not disappointed, not in the least.

If you are a believer going through some kind of difficulty or sickness and you prayed for relief from it but it did not come (yet), this book is for you. Paul F. Billheimer was a ministry leader and founded TBN. He has been with the Lord since the 1980’s. In this book, which is a sequel to the book, Destined for the Throne, he gives us a brand new outlook on the purpose of suffering. God can only create agape love in us through breaking us. Yes, you read that right. God uses (only) broken Christians. Remember He did not come for the healthy but for the sick.

I remember coming to a point in my life where I told God that if He could not use a broken vessel than I had better just quit the Christian life. But it is through our difficulties that we seek hard after Him, not when everything is going our way.

Billheimer shares that each believer in Christ is appointed their own particular set of sufferings. If we only complain and grumble through them, we have wasted our sorrows, and the chance for God to form agape love in us. If we accept them as from the Lord, it gives us a whole new outlook on life.

He says that agape is the “throbbing pulse of the universe.” We won’t need agape when we get to heaven, for there will be no sin there. Now is the time we get the opportunity to share God’s agape love to the lost and dying world. If we allow the trials to form His love within us, it will be the basis of great reward. No matter what we have been handed in life, we have a chance to gain a reward by letting Christ be manifested as we go through confusing and difficult trials. We can still be happy, knowing that God is working them for the good if we love Him.

So if you are going through a difficult trial, and like the Apostle Paul have prayed but have not seen the answer I recommend you get this book. It can give you a fresh new dose of hope, no matter how dire the circumstances. The reason it does that is that is based on God’s promises, which are always true. Hope will not disappoint, if it is pointed in the right direction. (Romans 5:5)

This book (in the original version, the one I read) is a quick read but do read it thoughtfully as there is much there to meditate upon. It could change the direction of your life.



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