Book Review: Peaceful Moments of Love and Light by Connie Arnold

I am reviewing today Connie Arnold’s second book, Peaceful Moments of Love and Light. Besides Connie’s talents as a children’s writer in the book review I gave previously, Connie is also a wonderful devotional poet. We share a mutual interest in devotional writing, as I also have a book of this type that is presently undergoing editing for publication by 4RV Publishing.

Connie reminds me of the poet Helen Steiner Rice. She has a knack for putting some deep thoughts together in each small poem that is a guide for an entire year. Each day of the week has a poem, and there is also one for the weekend. Published by RPJ and Company, Inc., this thought provoking book is also illustrated beautifully in full color.

The neat thing about this book is how each week has its own theme and all the poems for that week are organized around that theme. She has a week for “Don’t Worry,” “Mercy,” and “God’s Comfort,” for examples. Each poem is a quick read for those with busy schedules, but the poetry can inspire a meditation for the entire day. These poems remind us of God’s great love for us, and how He tenderly cares for each one of us. That is always something good to be reminded about, in these days of uncertainty. No matter how crazy this world may get, we can always find comfort in knowing God is in full control. This book is like throwing out a lifeline to a weary soul. Further reading of Scripture encompassed around each theme would bring even more help to readers.

You can purchase Connie’s book  ($14.95 softcover, or $18.95 hardcover) at her sites:

If you enjoy being inspired by poetry that reminds us of God’s faithfulness, I encourage you to check out this beautifully illustrated work! It would be a nice Christmas gift to share with others as well.



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2 responses to “Book Review: Peaceful Moments of Love and Light by Connie Arnold

  1. Megan, thank you for the beautiful review! That is so sweet of you to compare my writing to Helen Steiner Rice’s. She wrote wonderful poems! I’m excited about your book being published soon and look forward to it!

  2. Dear Connie,
    It was my pleasure! I will be so excited when my book is published as well.

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