Ezra Jack Keats-The Snowy Day

Ezra Jack Keats-The Snowy Day

The little boy Peter looks out to see the snow that fell the night before.

Here is a classic book sure to be enjoyed by young children. It was published way back in 1962. The Snowy Day won the prestigious Caldecott Award. I like it because it shares the joy of a little boy discovering snow. He is not glued to electronics, but is discovering the real world. He goes outside and plays in the snow. He gets hit with a snowball, and he makes snow angels. He puts a snowball in his pocket and takes it home. Before he goes to bed he looks for the snowball but it is gone, which evokes an emotion of sadness.

The next day, he discovers that the snow is still there and he goes out again to play in it with his friend from across the hall. The illustrations for this book are bright and colorful, and it plain old reminds me of a simpler time when children discovered nature, not virtual reality. I remember making snow angels, oh how they glistened in the bright snow on a crisp, cold day.

Sometimes I like the older books better than the new ones. This book shows young children that they, too, can make their own discoveries outside in God’s wonderful creation. Since the season of snow will soon be upon us, why not check out this book from your library and prepare your preschooler for some genuine fun this winter.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Read the book with your child.

2) You could then go outside and  make a snowman with a carrot nose, or eskimo, or  snow angels. If there is a safe place to do so, you can go sledding.

Your child will remember the time you took to spend with him. It will make him or her feel like she is an important person, because Mommy or Daddy is taking the time to be with them. (It says a lot more to give time than to give gifts.)

3) When you come in, you could make hot chocolate to sip together. Then, if you have a little more time, get some construction paper, glue, cotton puffs and crayons and let your child make a picture of their own snowy day.

I look forward to having snow adventures with my soon to be born grandchildren! It’s never too late to be a kid at heart!



November 1, 2013 · 12:53 am

3 responses to “Ezra Jack Keats-The Snowy Day

  1. Love the idea of snowy days. In Texas, we have few of those, but they are treasured when we do.

    • Dear Janet, Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little less of the snow up my way this year. I need to be doing some travelling to see my grandsons when they come early in the new year. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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