A “Heavenly” Devotional

I picked up the hardback book, “The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God” off a discount table. Meditations on God’s Word are not scintillating enough, I guess. But taking one look at the photos therein, I was mesmerized. The author, Kevin Hartnett, worked for NASA for thirty years, and was a physics and astronomy at the University of Delaware. I hate to admit it, but this is a great bathroom book. As you look at each day’s entry, you’ll see a magnificent full color photo and a devotional that accompanies, often also with a poem.

Reading one of the daily entries gives my day a lift. For I think about how God is in the tiniest atom but also directs the trillions of galaxies. He is a God of both the big and the small. Nothing escapes His sight and Scripture tells us in Psalm 147: 4 that: “He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name.” Yes, all the trillions of trillions of stars are known to our Heavenly Father.

Some of the topics covered include “God Unchangeable,” and the author comments that although the heavens appeared slightly different throughout the millennia, God will never change. Pictured there is a photo of the constellation Orion. Another is “Yearning for God in the Night” and reassures readers that Christ’s followers will never stumble as long as they walk with God on their path. Another encourages of digging deeply into God’s Word in “What Do You Study” with a picture of the Eskimo Nebula. Altogether there are 222 lovely devotions in this book.

About seven years ago, I took a trip to Northwest Arizona to a ranch. It was so beautiful, I wish I could go back again. One night, as everyone in my family opted for square dancing and I did not have a partner, I opted instead to take a ride on the hay-wagon. That night, I saw the sky as I had never seen it before. I could actually see the Milky Way Gallery. Out at the ranch, miles and miles from any city, there was total darkness and the perfect opportunity to glimpse God’s heavenly handiwork. I was in awe of God and His creation that night. If that is what it looks like “from this side,” imagine the beauty in store for believers when we join Christ in heaven. Surely, “the heavens declare the glory of God.” (Psalm 19: 1)

If it is a gloomy and cloud covered day here, (which it frequently is)  I can always read a page of this “heavenly devotional” and be refreshed in God’s Majesty once again. I recommend this book to anyone who needs some encouragement and even for skeptics. Some prominent physicists have concluded that there must be a Designer behind the Design in the universe, Mr. Hartnett certainly being one of them.



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4 responses to “A “Heavenly” Devotional

  1. That sounds absolutely divine! Thank you for sharing about this lovely devotional.

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it Megan!

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