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Welcome to the wonderful world of books! A review of I Can Learn about God, by Kenneth N. Taylor


100_1372My first post at my new blog! I am delighted that you stopped by. I am a writer with her first book waiting to be published, but long before that I was a mother who homeschooled her children. One of the things I loved most about teaching them was reading them great books that stayed in their memories! Though I was not the perfect home school mom (far from it!), this is one of the things I did best. My kids all turned out to be good readers and writers, so I am so happy I invested the time.

One of the first books I ever shared with my children was The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes by Kenneth N. Taylor. It had the most beautiful color picture and a simple concept about the Bible on every page. I  lost my beloved copy of that book and a recent search on Amazon showed that it was only available as used. The picture of Jesus hanging on the cross and the explanation for it stands out in my mind. However, a while back at my local Christian bookstore I picked up a more recent volume by the same author. This one is entitled I Can Learn about God.  (It was published previously as Everything a Child Should Know about God.) My version was published in 1996 by Tyndale House Publishers. This volume also covers one Biblical concept on the page, with a question for the young child at the end. On the opposite page is a full color cartoon like illustration. I actually bought this book in the clearance section. I don’t think it should have been there, however.

The book is broken into ten parts. It introduces the Bible, what God did, His attributes, our sin problem, and how Jesus came to help us in the first half. The remaining five parts are how Jesus wants to save, the Holy Spirit as a Helper, why we go to church, how to live as Jesus’ friends and when Jesus comes back. In the back, it reminds the child that God is with him/her to help them. It also lists the ten commandments in easily understandable terms. There is even a doctrinal index at the end. The book was designed for either the mother or father to read to the young one.

The story of the crucifixion on page 100 explains to the little ones Jesus had to be punished for the bad things we all have done. It clearly says that it was not because Jesus had done anything wrong that He was punished on the cross.  The fact that God punished Him instead, and He died in our place is conveyed clearly. In the question area, it asks the child who died for their sins and if they would like to ask forgiveness. The  parent then can instruct the child to pray, thanking God for dying for his or her sins.

It is not overwhelming to the child. They do not have to sit through a long diatribe. Just the simple facts, ma’am. It also will not be overwhelming for the busy parent, either. Considering how the book of Proverbs instructs parents in teaching the Word of God as a priority, I cannot underestimate the value of this book, or the previous versions that I mentioned.

We used to sing this verse from Proverbs which tells how important it is to take in the Word. It says: “Wisdom is the principal thing; Therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 4: 7

This little book provides a wonderful opportunity for parents to do just that with their impressionable, wondering child.



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